Privacy Policy

Corwells is committed to maintaining the privacy, security and integrity of personal and or sensitive information that it needs to collect from or about its, current and prospective employees; volunteers; suppliers, customers, and contractors/sub-contractors.

Corwells collects and stores information necessary for the organisation to perform its functions and activities such as provision of appropriate services, recruitment; payroll administration; extension of credit to customers; negotiation of contracts with suppliers; contractors or sub-contractors.

At or before the time personal and or sensitive information is collected or as soon as practicable thereafter, Corwells will ensure that the individual is notified of: the purposes for which the information was collected; the main consequences if any for the individual if the information is not collected; any other entity or person to which the information being collected may be disclosed and available processes to access or make corrections to the collected information.

When such information is solicited from a Third party, Corwells will ensure that they have advised and where necessary obtained permission from their clients regarding the information disclosure.
Corwells can only use or disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected. A strict procedure will be adhered to when considering requests for use or disclosure of personal information for a secondary purpose.

Should an employee receive personal information in error or unsolicited from a third party the information will be given to the relevant Executive Manager to determine the appropriate action under the legislation.
All personal and sensitive information will be stored in a safe and secure manner i.e. under lock and key. Access to personal and sensitive information is governed by a set of strict procedures.

Upon written request and wherever possible, Corwells will enable access to and correction of personal information by the person to whom the information relates.

Privacy Policy and procedures will be implemented by the Executive Management Team in line with all relevant legislation including, receiving, assessing and where appropriate actioning, requests for access to and correction of personal information and investigating any complaints.

Corwells has a complaints process to assist the internal resolution of privacy complaints.
All employees of Corwells are subject to this policy. Employees who breach this policy may be subject to disciplinary actions.