Property Management Services & Team

Corwells treat your management like it’s our own, ensuring the balance between the needs of the Tenants to operate successfully and the Owners assets being well maintained are being met, whilst the maximum return is achieved.We have a highly experienced team in all areas of industrial, commercial and retail property management. We are client focused and results driven, to meet the individual requirements of our clients. With our expertise, we ensure the management of your property is handled standards.

Our team also manage the more complex issues and contractual obligations of a property lease, and regularly review contractors to achieve optimum efficiency and budgetary requirements.

Our property management services include but not limited to:

  • Achieving optimum market rentals
  • Market advice to minimise vacancies
  • Rental reviews to market rent
  • Rental collection and arrears control
  • Providing quality administration and financial documentation
  • Issuing of monthly and annual owner’s statements
  • Preparation of yearly budgeted outgoings and reconciliation
  • Ensuring the terms and conditions of your lease are met
  • Essential and fire service requirements
  • Detailed understanding of the retail shop leases Act
  • Effective communication to all stakeholders
  • Management of repairs and maintenance and costs associated therewith
  • Assessing good requirements
  • Entry, exit and six monthly routine inspections and detailed reporting including photos
  • Identifying building compliance and cost mitigation
  • Providing access to an experienced sales and leasing team
  • Management fees are not charged during vacancy periods
  • Best of all your management fees are charged as an outgoing maximising your net return.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your property management needs by conducting a property health check, please contact our office on 07 3056 0588.

At Corwells we have the experience and knowledge that has seen as become a trusted name in the commercial property sector delivering optimum results for our clients.