FAQs for Landlords

What do I need to know about leasing an industrial, commercial, or retail property as a landlord?

Activity within the local area that may have an impact on commercial property values include:

  • Business confidence in the area
  • Recent leasing evidence
  • Council planning requirements
  • Current and future developments
  • Presentation and positioning of your property compared to others in the area

What is Corwells’ leasing process?
Our leasing team understand all aspects of the property. We formalize our appointment by signing a standard Property Occupations Form 6 issued by the REIQ. We understand all aspects of the basic terms of the lease to be considered. Complete marketing preparation. Negotiation – focus is on the Offer to Lease and Agreement to Lease. Completion – Lease conditions are agreed to, and lease is prepared. Tenant provides bond, deposit, public liability and plate glass insurance, signed lease. The property is then handed over to the tenant. The property is handed over to the Property Management team to manage. We have a list of additional checks we can undertake of a prospective tenant (noting that these searches may incur additional costs).

What is a Property Occupations Form 6 and why do I have to sign it?
A Property Occupations Form 6 is for the appointment of a property agent and is a service agreement between the landlord and the agent. It sets out the rights and obligations of both parties, including the services to be provided, limits or restrictions on the services provided, the commission, fees and expenses to be paid and the period for which the services will be provided.