Property Management Appraisal

Appointing the right property manager to meet your needs will have a positive impact on achieving the optimum return on your investment. Making the right choice of property manager with extensive expertise will make a difference.

Are you aware of the following questions in relation to your property:-

When was the last time your property had a rent review?
When does the lease expire? Are there any options?
Any arrears or other tenant issues?
When was the last routine inspection and did you receive a comprehensive report with photos?
Does your property manager communicate effectively and professionally?
Are you Asbestos compliant?
Is land tax included in your outgoings?
Are all the essential services maintained and up to date including fire?
Do you receive monthly and yearly owner’s statements?

Corwells Commercial Property is known for its diverse and up to date knowledge of industrial, commercial, and retail management, as well as leasing and providing comprehensive management services.

One of our clients who previously managed their own property never conducted routine inspects and missed out on thousands of dollars of maintenance which didn’t become apparent until the tenant vacated.